1. Have you ever sat in a meeting looking at a heap of figures for your business wondering what it all means? There are a number of reports within MYOB, Reckon and Xero which give you a better picture of your business by showing diagrams and graphs. Not everyone relates to figures so graphs might just be the turning point for you to help know exactly where your business is heading.
  2. Stop using paper. Almost all appliances, whether is be phone, Ipad, computer, laptop etc now have the ability to use your software on them. Instead of getting home later at night and invoicing your clients or looking at what is owing, you can do this all at any stage. For example, MYOB has a free invoicing app which allows you to create a contact base, add invoices and quotes etc. You can create the invoice there and then and email to your customer within a matter of minutes.
  3. Did you know that most softwares now have the ability to pay superannuation for employees and lodge activity statements. No more paper copies or having to log into your internet banking. For more information, give Carly a call.