The Fair Work Commission has recently clarified the way some Award provisions apply and made minor amendments to the Educational Services (Schools) General Staff Award 2020.

What Are The Changes?

  • The year in the Award name has changed from 2010 to 2020. It is now called the Educational Services (Schools) General Staff Award 2020.
  • The Pay Rate Schedule has been updated to reflect the new 2020 version of the Award. Some rates of pay may have changed by one or two cents.
  • A new clause which allows for an agreement to be made with an individual employee to vary certain terms within the Award.
  • The Fair Work Commission has reinforced that employees who earn above the award minimum rate must be paid this higher rate when taking annual leave.

 What Do I Need To Do?

  • Check your rates of pay to ensure you are meeting your minimum pay obligations.
  • If you wish to vary any Award terms, please contact us for further advice.
  • If you pay above the award, you should continue to pay employees their ordinary rate when they take paid annual leave.

How Can Employsure Help Me?

Not a client? If you need help understanding and implementing these changes, please contact Employsure on 1300 207 182 and we can give you free, initial advice on this topic. If you’d like more help implementing these changes in your business and are interested in ongoing support, Employsure can help you.

Employsure clients affected by the changes to the Educational Services (Schools) General Staff Award 2020 have been notified of these changes by email. Get in contact with Employsure if you have any trouble understanding or implementing these changes.


Q. When did these changes come into effect? 

A. came effective on Monday 29th May 2020

Q. Has the Pay Rate Schedule Changed?

A. Yes, the Pay Rate Schedule for the Educational Services (Schools) General Staff Award 2020 has changed.



Author; Employsure