You’re a local from Shepparton; can you tell us something about your earlier connection? I lived on the outskirts of Shepparton from the age 11-19. I was never a sporty kid, in fact I have terrible hand-eye coordination skills! My sports of choice were dancing which I did for 17 years and horse riding, 15 years.

For the past two years I was working for a Financial Planning firm in Melbourne. I loved my job and worked with an amazing team of people. However I realised after two years what I was missing was passion –  it didn’t excite me. So I made the impulsive decision to quit my secure 9-5 and upheave my life to follow my passion back to Shepparton and open a personal training studio where my own fitness journey began.

  • Why bodybuilding?

A pleasant accident you might say. Having struggled with mental health as a teenager I was searching to get out of my comfort zone, with a “yes man” mindset, saying yes to challenges that I was scared of. I started this “yes man” journey with a Beauty Pageant. It was nerve racking and exciting but I was glad I did it.

Not too long after, a friend suggested looking into a body building competition, and so I did. I won my first show and was hooked. Since 2015 I have competed 17 times, including three international shows in Florida USA, Auckland NZ and Shanghai China. I won my Bikini Professional Status after winning the 2016 Miss Universe Junior Bikini Title in Florida.

I found a real passion for the process of body building, and found working at constantly improving my physique meant the opportunities are endless. I haven’t looked back since that first show in 2015.

What have you found are the benefits that come from a healthy toned body?
The benefits are endless… improved sleep, energy levels, concentration, productivity in work and personal life, ability to handle stress, the list goes on. I owe the improvement of not having to be medicated for depression and anxiety to the benefits of strength training and good nutrition.

Surely you have a day off the discipline occasionally – what is your cheat meal? My savoury ‘go to’ is usually a nice burger or wood fire pizza! For sweets I am a big doughnut fan!

Is your gym just for the fit to get fitter? Cut Above Coaching is for everyone! Whether  you are starting your fitness and wellbeing journey  or you are an athlete with the aim of competing. All the training at Cut Above is performance based training. Each week clients are looking to improve on the week prior.  Everyone’s progression rate varies significantly – some people lift 100kg, others may lift 30kg. It is a very individualised journey. Our main aim with training is to improve strength, posture and body composition (fat loss, muscle gain)


You can find out more details from Alana’s Facebook or go see her at 294 Wyndham Street, Shepparton Victoria 3630.