One of the biggest challenges of business today is to remain relevant to your clients and being able to provide what they seek, it’s not always easy to understand what clients are seeking.

In today’s accounting world it is becoming increasingly frequent to find accounting firms are going offshore with much of their work like the way some businesses have gone offshore with their call centres.

To me the cost is important, however it is what you get for the cost that is most relevant.

We are often taking on new clients with their own MYOB or Xero file or some form of accounting software. However, the information recorded in the software is absolute rubbish and is hopefully not relied upon to complete financial reports and income tax returns. Although in some cases it has on the basis the client signs off on it as being accurate.

We are finding many firms process the basic information or in one case re-entered the information; offshore. Accuracy of the data and information is a major issue when this is done.

To us it makes far more sense to educate the person entering the information for the business in the first instance, educate them and then be able to rely upon the information presented.

This can take a little time and cost however, we find once the process is worked though the benefits for all concerned are exceptional!!