Covid, how you have made so many lives different especially this Mums. My days are longer and far more chaotic then when we had after school activities. The day certainly starts a little different to when school is on, let me first paint the picture of what it looks like now. The school bag is lonely in the cupboard while the study desk gets a workout and no longer has a vast array of lego, pencils and superhero figures, but now has a charging i-pad, folder, writing book and a dictionary.

Once the child is finally up and ready to start the day of home schooling. Its off to work for myself. My hours haven’t really changed much, I did go to doing four days a week to help with the school work, which was a great help most of the time, the goal on this day was getting all his school work complete by 3pm with as little frustration as possible. I am also lucky that I can bring the child to work and help him here, even though he is satisfied with his effort by 10.30am completing less that a quarter of what was asked of him.

A deep breath is required before entering the house at the end of the day. Once inside its reviewing, checking and helping the child with his worksheets that were not completed by 10.30. Most nights this takes a few hours, then he is of to bed. Then I have to think – did I eat dinner?

Now my study. Reading watching and answering the pre workshop questions. I did attempt to do the study while helping the child do his work but that didn’t work. Study now replaces my downtime and somehow has extended out past the time I usually like to get to sleep.

Through all this it has at times been a struggle with many things. It has made me realise a few different things, such as things don’t have to always be done my way or on a time schedule. I have also been able to teach my son things like how to find words in a dictionary and that a thesaurus can help increase his writing ability and vocabulary also that he can write a lot neater if is he slows down. Would I have taught him these things otherwise? Most likely not.

Lisa Brook.