tax & compliance

Business owners are all different

Some are all about the numbers, some are meticulous with receipts and records and others find most of their receipts on the floor of their car at the end of the financial year.

We can help no matter where you fall on the scale and if you are a ‘car floor filer’ we will endeavour to find the most intuitive records management system for you to make both of our lives easier.

experienced specialists

JH & Co are a team of experienced tax and financial specialists who work with everyone from individuals to multimillion-dollar organisations. The members of our team have individually built up their expertise in areas they find the most interesting, giving you the assurance that there are very few things that we cannot manage within our team.

From the start, we will ensure we have a full picture of the business, so we are on the front foot when we begin working through your tax and financials.

We deliver you the results that matter and through our business advisory services we aim to improve your business year on year. We want you to think of us as your accounts department, not your external accountant.

We think outside the box to maximise your profits today and tomorrow – just as if we were working in your office alongside you.

Our accounting services include:

Activity Statements

Tax Returns

Compliance Services

Financial Accounts


Cloud Accounting

A little more on Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting software not only allows for flexibility – by giving you the ability to work on your files anywhere you have an internet connection – but it’s also more secure. Your information is kept in large secure data centres with more backup systems and redundancies than most businesses have for themselves.

Cloud accounting saves time and allows everyone access instantly. It takes record keeping to another level, be it bookkeeping, reconciliation, BAS and/or tax returns. It provides instant data, instant updates, instant gratification knowing your files are current, safe and always accessible.

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