The Coronavirus Economic Response Package has made amendments to the ruling for 2020 confirming that for JobKeeper fortnights starting on or after 3 August 2020, the key date for assessing employee eligibility is now 1 July 2020 (previously 1 March 2020).

Employers will need to work through the eligibility criteria for employees to meet the ‘one in, all in criteria’, ensure employee nomination notices are in place, and ensure that sufficient amounts are paid to these newly eligible employees by 31 August 2020 to be eligible for JobKeeper payments for the 3 -17 August 2020 JobKeeper fortnight. This change predominantly impacts employees who were previously ineligible because they were not employed on 1 March, casuals who were not employed for 12 months leading up to 1 March 2020, and potentially those who failed the residency or age related tests at 1 March (but might now meet those conditions as at 1 July 2020).


Please contact our office if you require any assistance regarding the above and please note that if you are now eligible, the relevant paperwork must be completed and submitted by next Monday, otherwise you miss out on the payment.