Did you know you can set up repeating bills for those bills that you receive on a regular basis?  Repeating bills can be set to repeat every week or month or quarter.  You are able to add standard invoice bills that are repeated on the bill each time you receive it.  Then all you have to do when you receive the bill is adjust the amount and add a scanned copy of the invoice to your bill in Xero. Click here for more details.

Have you tried out the feature that allows you to email your bills into your Xero organisation?  You can email the bill that you receive via email straight to your Xero file.  The bill needs to be a pdf attachment to that email.  Your Xero file has a unique email address and when your send your bills to this address Xero automatically creates a draft bill with the original pdf attached to the bill.  For more details click here.

Have you heard of Hubdoc?  Hubdoc can help you to go paperless and save you countless hours of manual data entry!  Hubdoc can auto fetch your bank statements, bills and receipts.  Hubdoc automatically extracts key data from your bills and receipts which eliminates time spent on manual data entry.   You can automate coding for recurring bills and invoice which are published in Xero.   All documents are stored for easy access helping to audit proof your business. You can watch a demo here.

With any transaction in Xero you are able to attach a copy of documents relating to that transaction such as original invoices, contracts etc.  It is a very simple process and saves a lot of time later when your accountant queries a payment and you’re left trying to remember exactly what that purchase was.  When you are entering a bill or invoice there is a file icon which allows you to upload documents.

Another handy tool that works with Xero is Xero Projects.  Xero Projects allows you to monitor and track each job you do, with up to date reports on time and costs to help you keep to budget.  Projects allows you to:

  • Create and manage as many projects/jobs as you want
  • Monitor job costs from day to day to stay on track
  • Enter receipts and expenses relating to your project or job
  • Add task estimates and track budgets with ease
  • Track time using a stop-start timer
  • Turn logged time and costs into invoices
  • Make project accounting easy with helpful reports

Watch a short video on how Xero Projects can help your business.