About Us

Justin Hocking opened his Shepparton accounting firm, Justin Hocking and Co, in 1986.

Our Mission

If you can get it in one place, from an accounting firm that knows about your business already, it means a more straightforward, smoother and cost-effective solution.

We tailor our services and packages to suit your current and future business needs because we understand that no two clients or businesses are the same. Our team has the expertise, knowledge, and experience across multiple industries.

We are passionate about helping you achieve commercial success.

What To Expect When You Work With Us


We are profoundly and fearlessly honest. We are known for telling it straight, like it is. 


We shine a light on the state of your business – good or bad. 

We don’t shy away from the truth – and the hard decisions.


We are very thorough (we get told that a fair bit). 

This is fundamental to the quality of service we provide.


We can only help you and your business if we work with you. You need to own the strategy and take action too.

Success comes from the partnership we form. 

Real People

We are real people with real interests – and a genuine desire to support your business.


Justin Hocking opened his Shepparton accounting firm, Justin Hocking and Co, in 1986. With a young family and a vision to create something unique in accounting, he started working from a small one-room office on Corio Street.

Today Justin’s family has grown up and left the nest, while JH & Co has cemented itself as a well-established and highly regarded business accounting firm, supporting a diverse range of small and medium businesses and clients.

After more than two decades of substantial growth, JH & CO now employs a team including accountants, bookkeepers, client service managers and administration support who all possess their own specialist skills.

JH & CO have developed strong partnerships with local service providers, including financial planners, HR Experts, business consultants, banks and other businesses. Through our network, we can support you with a range of financial and business needs.

Let us help you to grow

why choose us?

JH & Co has built a reputation for helping clients turn their businesses around when they face financial difficulty.

We are here to support you. We will do far more than just crunch the numbers. With the experience within our office, we are able to provide a range of services and support such as business coaching, strategic planning, financial management, bookkeeping, tax and compliance, and a whole range of additional services to help rebuild or continue clients on their journey.

Over the last 30 years, Justin has seen a number of different businesses come and go. Owners either give up and fail or push through and build wealth. Why do some businesses work – and some not? It comes down to the person running and driving the business.

  • Some people are open to hearing news or information that is tough and challenging – some do not wish to hear it.
  • Some are willing to implement the strategies we put forward – some are not.
  • Some people know how to create a different outcome or are willing to do the hard work to try – and some will not.

We find businesspeople, like most people, like to be told they are doing well; that, of course, their dreams and goals are achievable. But when things aren’t going well, you often find these people either don’t listen, are not open to coaching or surround themselves with people that say the ‘right’ thing. None of which actually helps.

Turning a business around is more than simply “asking the Universe” or putting it on the fridge. It is far more profound. Far more soul searching, frightening and difficult – but – so rewarding if you persist.

The clients that achieve success with us are those prepared to listen to what they might not want to hear. Those who are open to ideas and thoughts, prepared to take action that may be frightening, are prepared to listen, argue, discuss and take informed and managed risks. They generally have people around them who will challenge, test and push them.

At JH & CO, we will be those people.

We are accountants with a genuine desire to see you and your business succeed. We want to know more about your business than just a bunch of numbers; we take the time to get to know how your business works. We can also help you overcome the issues that are keeping you awake at night. We are dedicated to helping you to create the business that you dream of.


JH & Co’s foyer is often used to exhibit art for some very talented artists. We currently have artwork on display from Kath Carroll, Bev Dowd and Amanda Hocking. Come into the office and check out some of their work!

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