Business support

We can give you peace of mind

JH & Co can take care of the usual accounting and tax compliance matters, but our real value lies in helping you to address your business challenges and uncover the opportunities open to you. We do this by developing a deep understanding of your needs, challenges and ambitions and taking a proactive approach to help you find solutions.

Our Specialties

We understand maintaining a business can be tough. We often believe when things aren’t working as well as they once did that we simply need to work harder, but in many cases, it’s about working smarter.

By offering fresh insights and perspectives combined with practical advice we can help you make critical business decisions with confidence.

It may be about:

Restructuring the business

Assessing the productivity of your staff

Developing fresh marketing activities

Cash flow/budgeting

Securing future wealth

Understanding your KPIs

Looking at “what if” scenarios to increase profit

Researching investment options

Business Coaching

help across your business lifecycle

From setup through to succession planning and retirement. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Support with buying or selling your business
  • Retirement processes
  • Succession planning, including business handovers, helping you organise your Will and keeping record of important financial information
  • Compliance information for business processes
  • Interviewing for current work vacancies within your office
  • Setting budgets and cash flows for your business
  • Wealth creation- helping you to navigate the process of building your personal wealth, whether this is through purchasing property, buying and trading shares, or helping you to make better business decisions

We support you

The list of ways we can guide you is extensive and there isn’t a problem we have come across where we have been unable to find and deliver a solution. We like to work closely with our clients so that the solution and implementation strategy is a collaboration of all our ideas, built on research and experience.

Third parties we have access to:
– Maureen (HR)
– Life time and Chalmers (Financial planners)
– Pacific East Coast (Investment property)

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